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Hamza, he is a skilled website developer, discovered crowdfunding's potential. Transitioning to world of digital marketing, he founded KickGoalz, a firm dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and etc. With expertise and passion, he help dreams become reality with his team, fostering a thriving community of innovators.

Our Partners Say

Mind-blowing! They crafted a campaign page and video that truly captured our project's essence. Thanks to their expertise, our crowdfunding journey was a resounding success!

Ramona C, Product Designer

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Data Driven

We're your digital marketing partner, helping businesses achieve their goals. From crowdfunding to SEO and social media marketing, we tailor data-driven strategies to your unique needs, ensuring impactful results.


We create innovative campaigns to build brand awareness and raise funds. Our tailored solutions maximize your potential for success. Let's exceed your goals together!


We go beyond websites to ensure campaign success! Our pros help you reach goals with innovative tools & strategies. From creative campaigns to analytics, we've got you covered.


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