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Shadeeco: Sunshade For Any Adventure

Project type

Campaign Booster





At KickGoalz, we take pride in our role as crowdfunding consultants, and our collaborative effort with creators is exemplified in campaigns like the ShadeEco Sunshade project. Our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance and support in campaign design, helping creators launch impactful Kickstarter initiatives. In the case of ShadeEco, we worked closely with the team, offering expert consultancy to optimize their campaign page, ensuring it resonated with their audience and showcased the project's unique features.

Moreover, we orchestrated successful paid campaigns to maximize exposure and attract backers, ensuring the ShadeEco project gained the attention it deserved. This combination of strategic campaign design and well-executed paid advertising campaigns helped ShadeEco secure the funding necessary to bring their innovative sunshade to life. At KickGoalz, we're committed to transforming ambitious ideas into crowdfunding success stories, and the ShadeEco project is just one example of our dedication to making crowdfunding dreams take flight.

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