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EGO EXINNO 240W/120W : The King of Chargers

Project type

Paid Ads


Media Buyer


HK$ 3,011,366

At KickGoalz, we are thrilled to have contributed our expertise to the success of the "Ego Exinno 240W/120W - The King of Charger" Kickstarter campaign. Our consultancy services were instrumental in designing an effective campaign strategy, optimizing the project page, and running successful paid advertising campaigns.

Our team worked closely with the creators to refine their project's presentation, ensuring it resonated with the Kickstarter community. Through meticulous planning and targeted advertising efforts, we helped the campaign attract backers and achieve its funding goals. We take pride in our role as crowdfunding consultants, assisting innovative projects like "Ego Exinno" in reaching their full potential and making crowdfunding dreams a reality.

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