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Ergo Spout® WIDE: Air-tight spout for wide mouth mason jars

Project type

Paid Ads


Media Buyer



At KickGoalz, we're thrilled to have been a driving force behind the success of campaigns like the "Ergo Spout Wide: Air-Tight Spout for Wide-Mouth Mason Jars." Our consultancy extends beyond conventional guidance. We work closely with campaign creators to design compelling pages, optimize their messaging, and strategize for a successful Kickstarter launch. The key to our expertise lies in harnessing the power of paid advertising campaigns, where we employ targeted strategies to maximize visibility, engagement, and, most importantly, funding. Our collaboration with projects like "Ergo Spout Wide" exemplifies our commitment to turning visionary concepts into funded realities.

By combining innovative product design with our crowdfunding proficiency, we help campaigns shine in the competitive Kickstarter landscape. Our goal is not just to assist with individual projects but to empower creators to achieve their crowdfunding dreams, one successful campaign at a time. Join us on this exciting journey to turn ideas into crowdfunded triumphs.

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