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IDENTITY: A Wallet Like You Have Never Seen Before

Project type

Paid ads & Support


Media Buyer & Consultant



At KickGoalz, we thrive on innovation and empowerment. Our recent collaboration on the "Identity: A Wallet Like You've Never Seen Before" Kickstarter campaign is a testament to our commitment to pioneering ideas.

We provided comprehensive consultancy services, meticulously refining the campaign's design elements and crafting a strategic blueprint. Through our expert guidance, we optimized the campaign's appeal and messaging to engage backers effectively. Moreover, our tailored paid advertising campaigns helped propel "Identity" into the crowdfunding spotlight. As a result, the campaign garnered exceptional support, transforming a unique wallet concept into a fully-funded reality. Our dedication to turning creative concepts into success stories remains at the heart of our mission, and we're excited to continue helping visionary projects take flight.

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