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Jugg! The Side-facing Adapter for Apple Chargers

Project type

Support & Paid ads


Consultant & Media Buyer



At KickGoalz, we're thrilled to have been part of the journey for the "Jugg: The Smart Power Block Adapter" Kickstarter campaign. Our expertise and consulting services played a pivotal role in the success of this innovative project.

Our team collaborated with the creators of Jugg to design a winning campaign strategy, optimize their campaign page, and provide invaluable insights for a successful launch. We also crafted and executed a targeted paid advertising campaign that effectively reached the right audience. The result? "Jugg" not only met its funding goal but exceeded it, showcasing the power of crowdfunding when paired with our strategic guidance and support. We're proud to be a part of this journey and look forward to helping more creators bring their dreams to life on Kickstarter and beyond

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