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Sleepout: The Sleep-Improving Portable Blackout Curtain

Project type

Paid Ads


Media Buyer


CA$ 295,191

At KickGoalz, we're committed to partnering with innovative campaigns to ensure their success. One such campaign we've had the privilege to work with is the "SleepOut: The Sleep-Improving Portable Blackout Curtain." Our consultancy services extended to campaign optimization, where we provided strategic guidance for enhancing the campaign's visual appeal, messaging, and overall effectiveness. We also lent our expertise in crafting a compelling video and page design, ensuring that the project's unique value proposition stood out.

In addition to these design elements, we spearheaded a targeted paid advertising campaign, driving visibility and engagement among potential backers. By leveraging our advertising strategies and industry know-how, we helped SleepOut achieve its funding goals, enabling them to bring their innovative portable blackout curtain to life. This campaign exemplifies our dedication to guiding and supporting projects on their crowdfunding journey, turning dreams into funded realities.

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