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Submerge - The Wearable Waterproof Wallet And Cardholder

Project type

Paid Ads


Media Buyer



At KickGoalz, we thrive on partnering with innovators to make their crowdfunding campaigns a resounding success. Take, for instance, our involvement in the "Submerge - The Waterproof Wallet Cardholder" Kickstarter campaign. We provided expert consultancy to the creators, assisting them in designing a compelling campaign page and a persuasive video that showcased the unique features of their product.

Moreover, we implemented effective paid advertising strategies, targeting the right audience to maximize the campaign's reach. The result? A thriving Kickstarter campaign that not only met but exceeded its funding goal, turning the Submerge wallet cardholder into a reality. This is just one example of how KickGoalz collaborates with creators to bring their groundbreaking ideas to life through strategic design and well-executed paid campaigns, ensuring success in the world of crowdfunding.

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