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MoEa | When Science turns Fruits & Plants into Sneakers

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Pre - Launch





At KickGoalz, we take pride in our hands-on approach to crowdfunding campaigns. One of our recent collaborations, the "Sneakers from Fruits and Plants" campaign on Kickstarter, is a testament to our commitment to bringing innovative projects to life. We provided consultancy for campaign design and execution, assisting the creators in optimizing their Kickstarter page and creating compelling visuals to captivate their audience.

Our journey with the "Sneakers from Fruits and Plants" project involved not only strategic guidance but also running successful paid campaigns to boost their visibility. With our expertise, we helped the creators tap into the power of crowdfunding, enabling them to raise the necessary funds and make their eco-friendly sneaker concept a reality. This project is just one example of how KickGoalz partners with creators to turn their dreams into successful crowdfunding campaigns that impact the world.

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